How to Check CIBIL Credit Score in Paytm? 2022 [Step by Step]

Check CIBIL Credit Score On Paytm: Paytm App is one of the most trusted and widely used in India for Mobile Payments, Phone Recharge, Online Shopping, and many more features. You can also check your CIBIL Credit Score using Paytm App and if you really don’t know and want to learn then this post is really helpful for you.

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What is CIBIL Score?

A CIBIL Score, also known as a credit score, is a number assigned to a retail financial customer based on an examination of your credit files and transaction records with banks and other financial institutions. It is a three-digit numeric number between 300 and 900, with a CIBIL Score of 750 indicating a better credit rating.

CIBIL, or Credit Information Bureau India Limited, is India’s largest credit bureau. Equifax and Experian are two other major players in India. Customers’ credit scores are issued by the three bureaus listed above. The credit score checking process is now entirely paperless, and anyone can obtain their CIBIL Score instantly.

How to Check CREDIT/CIBIL Score in Paytm App With Step-by-Step?

  • Open Paytm and sign in with your mobile number and OTP verification to your Paytm wallet account.
  • Navigate to My Paytm>All Services.
  • Search for CIBIL and look for the “Cibil Score” option under the related services tab.
  • Fill out the tax information by clicking on it.
  • Verify OTP and then select Get My Report.

When you click Get My Report, Paytm will retrieve your CIBIL data from the authority and display it on your screen.

We hope you easily understand the process shown above and you will execute it fast.

Why Should You Check Your CIBIL Credit Score Using Paytm?

It’s a simple and quick procedure. There will be no paperwork. Paytm is a secure and safe way to check your credit score. There is no third party involved. It has no effect on your credit score.

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