This is the First Ever “Image” of Dark Matter Successfully Captured By Scientists

Today, this news article will discuss the first-ever “Image” Of Dark Matter Captured By Our Scientists. So without wasting time anymore let’s get started.

The need for a theory led to the development of the idea of dark matter. Based solely on the matter that we can see, our cosmos shouldn’t be able to exist or function as it does because this material couldn’t produce the gravitational force needed to keep our galaxies bound together.

Scientists have suggested the existence of dark matter to explain this discrepancy. They contend that our universe must contain genuinely dark matter, a type of substance we can’t see that doesn’t absorb, reflect, or emit light. For our scientific theories to be true, dark matter must make up more than a quarter of all the matter in the universe. Dark matter’s composition is still unknown, and finding evidence for something that cannot be seen is challenging.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have something even better than the closest thing scientists previously had to proof of dark matter: a composite image that reveals galaxies are actually connected by dark matter. Even though we still don’t know what this stuff is made of, we can now clearly see that it exists between galaxies.

The researchers used a method known as weak gravitational lensing to combine photos obtained over a period of years to demonstrate the existence of dark matter. Images from over 23,000 galaxy pairings located 4.5 billion light-years distant were used to generate the composite.

The Dark Energy Survey captured light from galaxies up to 8 billion lightyears away while imaging one-eighth of the sky. The survey repeatedly captured images of ten “deep fields” like this one. Scientists can gather various wavelengths of light by returning to specific regions of the sky in order to image extremely far away galaxies and faint objects. These deep fields can be used to search for supernovae and calibrate the remaining DES data.

Even though we still don’t know what this stuff is made of, we can now clearly see that it exists between galaxies.

At a time when other scientists are putting forth theories that do away entirely with the need for dark matter, the picture is undoubtedly a significant step toward legitimizing dark matter and dark energy.

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