7 Week Days Name In Hindi & English With Spelling

This is the right post if you want to know and learn 7 Days Name In Hindi & English with Correct Spelling along with the pronunciation of all weekdays. Below in this post, is a table showing having All 7 Days of the week including with Name in Hindi & English. This is a very easy-to-learn format of Week Days name for Little growing kids.

All Days Name In Hindi | 7 Week Days Name in English

Name Of Days in Hindi & English Language

Week Days Name in English and Hindi Picture

You can also download Week Days Name In English Image from above only following these simple steps:

  • Just Place the finger on the Days Name Table Image.
  • Right Click on this Image and save it to your phone or PC.
  • That’s it.

7 Days Makes a Week and in Hindi, it is known as सप्ताह.

Name Of Days In English & Hindi Table

This table helps kids to learn fast Days Name In Hindi & English language with correct spelling.

Sr no.Days Name In EnglishPronunciation In HindiHindi
5Thursdayथर्सडेगुरुवार, बृहस्पतिवार

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